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The cool of the morning.

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This is my cool story and my thank you to the amazing people who pour into my kids on a regular basis and my Dear Kids Church people, you matter so much! pep talk all rolled into one. 

Sunday night Smiley Girl and I were laying on the top bunk reading our book together.  We have had this book for a long time but have only recently gotten into reading it regularly and let me tell you, Smiley Girl loves it. 

Anyway, going in order we were on the story of Rebekah from Genesis 24:1-67.  The book refers to her as the helpful princess and tells the story of Abraham wanting to find a wife for his son Isaac by sending a servant to his hometown in search of one. 

So there goes to the servant off to Nahor and once he arrived he asked the Lord for guidance. 

12 Then he prayed, “Lord, God of my master Abraham, make me successful today, and show kindness to my master Abraham.13 See, I am standing beside this spring, and the daughters of the townspeople are coming out to draw water.14 May it be that…

Lessons in craftiness and the most important words you will ever hear

I am not much of an artist.  I can look at something and come pretty close to duplicating it but creating something out of nothing isn't really my thing.

And, thanks to nearly a decade of MOPS I have a pretty decent idea of what kind of adhesive to use in most circumstances.  I know that decoupage is fun to play with.  E6000 is the ultimate in security and hot glue works on most everything in between. 

I have the basics of crafty duplication.  But an artist I am not.

That's quite alright though, because there are many people that can stare at a blank canvas or a box of supplies and create something original and amazing.  That's their gift.  I appreciate them.  And I know enough about them to know that many times they don't even know what their end result will be when they are creating.  That amazes me!

Tonight I want to talk about another artist though.  THE Artist.  THE Creator.  Because He is amazing.

Unlike many artists, the Artist knew when he started what He was…


I feel incredibly sad.

I'm familiar with this feeling and I know Who to turn to, but it doesn't make the things that I am sad about go away.

I miss my mom.  In the way that you can only miss someone you haven't talked to in months and know that you will never talk to again.  I want to tell her funny things that happen.  I want to comment to her that while there is a Jack for every Jill, sometimes the Jack's don't fit the image that you have in mind for Jill.  I want to pour out my heart about all of the sadness and uncertainty that creeps in and hear her gentle reminders that people will always fail me but the Lord never will.  I want to hear her tell me what she would do, followed by "But what matters is what the Lord is telling you to do."  I want those precious moments back.

I feel alone.  In the way that you can only feel when surrounded by people 24/7.  I miss having a heart connection and, I suppose empathy.  About the struggles of the day ahead and…

March Favorite Things

It's March already!  Can you believe it? 

That means that in about three and a half months Lake Huron will be icy cold while the sun on the beach is warm and amazing!  Some afternoons I stop close to the lake and talk about the ocean (because why not confuse the kids whenever I can) and I ask them to imagine how cold it is now and how wonderful it will be come summer time.  I can't wait!

I love favorite things, so here are a few that I thought to share with you this month:

Diet Dr Pepper
This is affectionately called Life Juice in certain circles.  You have coffee every morning, I have Life Juice.   {Photo Source} My Library Card For the last few years my parents have lived across the street from their town's library.  It's an amazing library with tons of children's events and it didn't take long for the girls and I to fall in love with spending time at their library.  I have always loved libraries, but not every one makes kids feel welcome and at home.  This one…

Fe-rch Odds & Ends

Just a quick round up of some of the things I have read, seen or heard recently.  I planned to do this on a monthly basis, but February got away from me and really, March probably will too.  How is that for hopeful?!  Anyway...I present the Fe-rch (see what I did there?) version of Odds and Ends.  It's kind of like the inner dialogue of my brain.  Except if you could really hear that...that would be creeeeepy.
So apparently I am late to this party and have just recently discovered the I Aint Doin It lady.  I'm really not a video kind of girl most of the time but after hearing people talk about this chick I figured I should check her out.  I discovered that 1) she's funny 2) she's a blogger and 3) she blogs with sarcasm.  I like it.  Below are a few of her thoughts about Bluetooth: I also  really love this blog post of hers about Santa Claus, Baby Jesus and Ricky Bobby.
Did you know the US sales of board games have grown tremendously in the last few years?I happen to love …

Thank you Papa

I was three when I met the man I call Papa.  I don't remember a lot about him from that time, other than he had a brown car and a fairly large cat.
It was 1979 and there was a legendary amount of snow that made his living situation....well, difficult.  He was skiing two miles out a forest road to get to work in the morning and then skiing two miles back in every night.  It didn't take long for that to get old.  At the time my mom, brother and I lived in a house owned by my grandparents.  It was the perfect set up for us - we lived in the main house and my grandparents lived in what was affectionately called 'the back apartment'.  Being winter, my grandparents were in sunny Florida and the apartment was unoccupied.  However the details worked out, this fun guy and his cat moved in that January.  
In my memory he lived there forever but in reality he couldn't have, because my grandparents lived there too.  So some details are sketchy, but that's okay.  Because what…