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February Favorite Things

As a child 'favorites' are big time things.  I think they are as grown ups too.  Again this month I sharing some of my favorites. 

1.  The Mom Struggling Well Podcast.  I discovered this little gem a year and a half ago when I was having a slight personal melt down.  Summer was over, we had just begun homeschooling and days just felt long.  I love Emily's sense of humor and I find that there is some small tidbit in every episode that I can apply to my situation to make the daily struggle just a little bit better. 

 2. Flour sack towels  I don't know if I can really explain why I love these things so much but I do.  I recently replaced my discolored towels and just love the feeling of pulling out a fresh white kitchen towel.  Perhaps they feed my inner nerd?  Who knows.  They are cheap and I 💗  them.

3. Tide Pods  Long before eating these puppies was a college students dream they were the latest fad in laundry detergent.  It took me a while to jump on the bandwagon but…

Last Month was January

I had great plans to write this post on Thursday but a virus hit me out of no where Thursday morning and derailed my plans.  Recapping a month is something that I did a few times in 2016, maybe once in 2017 and would like to get back to in 2018.  I find that I often think that nothing is getting done or that I'm just sitting around all of the time.  This has been a great way to remind myself that even though my day to day life feels choppy and non-productive that lots of easy to forget things also happen.  I thought sharing the lists here might be a good way to keep track for the coming year.

So...last month was January. 

New Year's weekend was celebrated with movies, naps and trying to get everyone healthy again.  (We had spent the entire week of Christmas with someone not feeling well.)

Two of the girls cousins were here for a sleepover.

We took a 'slumber party field trip' to the ER after Smiley Girl split her lip open.

My family celebrated Christmas with a White Ele…

Stainless Pans and Kitchen Lessons

When I was pretty close to the age of 12 I met a woman named Woody.  That wasn't her real name by any means, rather a 'bird name', which was a nickname given to staff at a local children's camp.  My dad had known her and her husband for a number of years through the camp. 

I hadn't seen Woody in almost thirty years until I realized that she attended the church that we began attending two years ago.  It has been fun to visit with her here and there, talk about camp experiences and people and know her as an adult rather than a teen.  
Anyway, one of the things that Woody did at camp was cook, which happened to be one of the things that my mom did as well.  
The kitchen at that camp is the stage where I learned many lessons alongside my mom.  I learned about Gordon Food Service products, which came in handy later when I scored my first job at none other than Gordon Food Service.  I learned how important it was to know the number of people you were preparing a meal for…

Odds and Ends

Just a quick round up of some of the things I have read, seen or heard this past week.  Kind of like the inner dialogue of my brain.  Except if you could really hear that...that would be creepy.

Several years ago I had read this great post about building the culture in your home through furniture.  With that in mind I have tried to put some effort into what not only looks good(ish) but is also functional(ish).  After all, even though some days I feel life the house burning down is the only viable option, most of the time I would like it to be a comfortable place to enjoy.

And speaking of couches, I am planning to start recovering our couch, again, soon.  I love our couch - it is a little larger than normal and a little wider than normal and it's just comfy.  My mom had helped me with a hybrid recover / slip cover project several years ago and it was a great first effort.  But the $15 for twelve yard fabric that I found at a resale shop wasn't made for the project and has pille…

You see broken, I see mended

A few days ago I woke early in the morning with the words "You see broken, I see mended" in my head.  I searched my mind for a minute before recognizing them as lyrics to a song.  I fell back to sleep, but when I woke again the words were still there. 

Jotting them down before the busyness of the day took over, I went on about my day.  That afternoon I took time to look up the song and ponder it's words.  As strongly as I heard the words that morning, I knew that they were significant.  While I know that the words were given to me by the Lord, I don't think they were meant for me. 

Thinking and praying about a blog post for this week I heard those words again - "You see broken, I see mended."  

So here they are and perhaps they are for you.  I'm sharing the lyrics as well as a link to the song itself.  Whoever, whatever, whenever, the Lord offers mending, you need only ask. 

Mended by Matthew West

How many times can one heart break? It was never supposed t…

The Bible diet, paper plates and what you want to think that I said...

It looks like I tossed the picture that was sort of the catalyst for this post and I'm struggling a bit to remember what it said exactly what it said but I do remember why it bothered me.

If you are online for any amount of time you will see ads for everything under the sun.  Most of the time I just scroll past but earlier this week I noticed an ad for some type of Biblical diet.  The ad was written in such a way that after reading it you would conclude that 1) the diet is the way, the truth and your only hope at life and 2) sin would be the result of not clicking the link.

That got me thinking about how subtle (and sometimes not subtle) the messages that we encounter are. 

Similarly I am in a Facebook group that is basically a group of people discussing low cost meals.  A member recently posted a picture of the dinner that she had gotten on the table in 20 minutes after getting home from work and she was celebrating the fact that she could accomplish that - because it's a hu…